I try to accommodate your style of mule deer hunting as much as possible to give you the best possible odds at harvesting a trophy buck. Our hunters have harvested many mule deer bucks averaging 180+ B&C

Daryl Sobol

On my first day Neil put me in a spot where I tagged out in 20 minutes on my biggest WT to date... Two days later I bagged a big mulie.  I have been chasing whitetail for years in hot spots like North Dakota, Kansas and Saskatchewan with various degrees of success. This year I hunted Alberta with Neil and North Star hoping to finally have a chance at a 150 class WT and combo with a mule deer. On my first day Neil put me in a spot where I tagged out in 20 minutes on my biggest WT to date, a 164” 12 pointer. Two days later I bagged a big mulie. Yeah I got lucky, but North Star gave me a chance to get lucky. Having personally experienced many different WT outfitters over the last 6 years, North Star has been the most successful and the accommodations are first rate.

Pat & Nicole - Driven TV

Hunting at North Star Outfitters has become one of our favorite places to go. We have hunted bears, whitetails and mule deer with much success for our television show. If your looking for a reputable outfitter to go with that has good accommodations, great food and big animals then this is the place we would recommend.

Steve Reichard

I have been fortunate to hunt all over this great world. One place that in particular that stands out in my opinion is North Star Outfitting in Alberta, Canada with Neil Johnson; along with the great crew.  I have had the privilege of doing twenty four hunts with North Star between bear, deer, goose and duck hunts. I was lucky enough to harvest a 200 class mule deer. My hunting buddies have also been as fortunate as myself. The food accommodations are five star, no questions asked. All I can say is be prepared to gain weight over the week.  If you are looking for a great hunt with first class hard workers and respectful, honest people give North Star Outfitting a call.

Richard Service

I hunted with Neil Johnson, owner of North Star Outfitting. I was successful in harvesting a nice 180 inch mule deer. There were many things I appreciated about North Star. They made me feel right at home. Neil and his guides are friendly and anxious to take care of you. They want to make sure you enjoy your hunt and work very hard for you to have a chance at a nice deer. They offer a very nice tower stand and furnish heaters when needed. The food was very good and the facilities are second to none. I am planning a hunt again in '06 with Neil. Richard Service



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